JCoxeye's Leitmotif Index:


'Queen' is a very complex motif pertaining to Queen.
It's so complex, in fact, that I practically gave up and split it into four parts:

('Queen A', as heard in Queen)

('Queen B', as heard in Queen)

('Queen C', as heard in Cool Mixtape)

('Queen D', as heard in Cool Mixtape)

'Queen A' acts as Queen's main motif, appearing in every song that relates to her, and progressing to either 'Queen B' or 'Queen C' as needed.

'Queen B' acts as Queen's overworld motif, appearing in Queen, Elegant Entrance, and Pandora Palace.

Finally, 'Queen C' acts as Queen's battle motif, with 'Queen C' occasionally progressing to 'Queen D'.

Also, Pandora Palace 's bassline is used again as well, so it'll be covered here:

('Pandora Palace', as heard in Pandora Palace)