JCoxeye's Leitmotif Index:


('Anticipation' on its own, and alongside 'Enemy Approaching', as heard in Anticipation and Enemy Approaching)

'Anticipation' and 'Enemy Approaching' work as Undertale 's battle themes, usually in conjunction with the 'Dogsong' leitmotif.

Curiously, 'Anticipation' reappears in Deltarune 's Powers Combined and Knock You Down !!, underneath the 'Powers Combined' leitmotif:

('Powers Combined', as heard in Powers Combined )

(Note the similarity betwen 'Enemy Approaching' and 'Powers Combined')

Funnily enough, the remaining Giga Queen-related song, Giga Size, doesn't feature 'Anticipation', but does feature another percussive motif lifted from Undertale, 'Burn in Despair!'.