JCoxeye's Leitmotif Index:


('Hometown', as heard in A Town Called Hometown)

'Hometown' is the motif of Hometown, the setting of the light world in Deltarune.

Fitting the atmosphere of a friendly town, 'Hometown' often appears alongside 'Hopes and Dreams' in reference to Snowdin Town (whose titular track features the motif).
'Hometown' also often appears alongside 'Don't Forget B', the latter half of the 'Don't Forget' motif.

For both of these motifs, their appearances alongside 'Hometown' are capped off with melodies derived from the main melody of 'Hometown':

('Hometown (Extra 1)', as heard after 'Don't Forget B' in A Town Called Hometown)

('Hometown (Extra 2)', as heard after 'Hopes and Dreams' in A Town Called Hometown)

Notably, a melody similar to 'Hometown (Extra 2)' is used to cap off instances of 'Girl Next Door', as discussed on the 'Hometown (Extra)' Vs. 'Girl Next Door (Extra)' page.