JCoxeye's Leitmotif Index:
'Don't Forget'


'Don't Forget' is easily the most prominent leitmotif in Deltarune, and is accordingly very important for lore analysis, especially in regards to its lyrics.

The melody itself is split into two somewhat distinct halves, which appear on their own on occasion:

('Don't Forget' sections A and B, as heard in Field of Hopes and Dreams)

The full melody:

('Don't Forget' as heard in Field of Hopes and Dreams)

These two halves of the melody are connected via a distinct set of three descending notes, which are used on their own on occasion:

('Don't Forget (Bridge)' as heard in Friendship)

Finally, we have two extraneous parts of the melody:

('Don't Forget (Intro)' as heard in Field of Hopes and Dreams)

('Don't Forget (Unused)' as heard in Game Main Theme (Piano Sketch) )

Before recapping lyrics and heading into its appearances, it should be noted that 'Don't Forget' often appears alongside 'Hopes and Dreams' and 'Hometown'.


When the
light is running low
And the shadows start to grow
And the places that you know
Seem like fantasy

There's a
Light inside your soul
That's still shining in the cold

With the truth
The promise in our hearts

Don't forget
I'm with you in the dark