JCoxeye's Leitmotif Index:
'Ghost Fight'


'Ghost Fight' is a relatively prolific leitmotif that appears throughout Undertale, and gets a cameo appearance in Deltarune.

The motif is split into three distinct parts:

('Ghost Fight' A, B, and C, as heard in Ghost Fight)

Additionally, the motif has an accompanying backing:

('Ghost Fight Backing', as heard in Ghost Fight)

And bassline:

('Ghost Fight Bassline', as heard in Ghost Fight)

Lastly, although not expressly related to 'Ghost Fight', the page will also cover a very minor ghost-related motif, 'Spooktune':

('Spooktune', as heard in Spooktune)

(If you're looking for the quotes of Dummy! in BIG SHOT, see 'Spamton')